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Instabill Employees Enjoy Day on the Beach

Aug 25, 2015
Posted by: Marketing
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Last week, Instabill employees headed to Great Island Common in New Castle, NH for a day of relaxation and fun.

Last week, Instabill employees headed to Great Island Common in New Castle, NH for a day of relaxation and fun. Thanks to the generosity and preparation from Instabill CEO Jason Field and administrative assistant Sally Punch, Instabill employees enjoyed a catered lunch and a variety of games and activities.

Fun and Games

The afternoon kicked off with a game of volleyball. After a few practice rounds, two teams faced off in an intense match. After falling behind at the beginning of the game, the winning team, led by sales manager Wendy Jacques, managed a swift comeback and ended the game at a score of 21-19.

After a break for delicious hot dogs, the Instabill team was provided with a scavenger hunt game with questions about the history of the company and fellow employees. Everyone was asking questions as they tried to figure out who the newest employee is (Ben Hopps), who has worked in another country (Jason Field), and who is the oldest employee (not telling). When the answers were read aloud later in the day, some people had put down amusing, though incorrect, responses.

The day ended with Instabill Minute to Win It games. Everyone present was divided into teams, and given the chance to participate in eight 1-minute long tasks. Some people tried to stack a Slinky on their head, others moved M&Ms from one paper to another with only a straw, and others named as many logos as they could in the given time. Scores were kept, but they didn’t matter in the end as everyone was laughing and having fun.

Time to Eat

An amazing catered meal was provided by Little Neck Clambake Co. Everyone had the option of a full lobster, large steak or swordfish fillet, or a whole barbecued chicken. The side dishes were excellent, and the dessert—strawberry shortcake—was enjoyed by everyone, including the seagulls who stole some pieces when the group left to take pictures.

Overall, it was a terrific day out, and a fun break for the Instabill employees who work hard every day to make sure everyone working with Instabill has a great experience.

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