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Two More States, DC Vote for Legalized Marijuana

Nov 10, 2014
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With last Tuesday’s vote in Oregon, Alaska and the District of Columbia, legalized marijuana is now a national movement with more states likely to follow.


Following Colorado and Washington’s lead two years ago, two more states and the District of Columbia have made marijuana legal for recreational use. On Tuesday, a vote by the citizens of Washington, DC, Oregon and Alaska legalized marijuana, though with different stipulations for each state. The vote underscores that what happened in Colorado and Washington in 2012 was not a fluke. The pro-marijuana movement in the US has momentum.

What Are the Provisions for Each State?

In Oregon, the legalized marijuana vote favored supporters 54-46 percent. According to an article on, the new legislation allows citizens aged 21 years and older to possess, grow and sell the plant. The framework for a commercial system for growth and sale is already being considered.


Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, pro-marijuana voters won 69-31 percent in the nation’s capital, though the legislation comes with tighter restrictions than Oregon. Citizens over 21 years old are permitted to possess no more than 2.0 ounces of the drug and grow no more than six plants at a time in home. Selling remains illegal, but people are allowed to ‘transfer’ the drug to another person, limited to one ounce per transaction.


Alaska citizens voted 52-48 percent and its provisions have yet to be fully defined. The state is expected to create a control board under the direction of Alaska’s Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development. The control board will have nine months to develop regulations of how marijuana businesses should operate.

Legalized Marijuana States Still Fighting

Despite the legalization in Colorado and Washington last year, both states continue to deal with snags. Growth, possession and sale of marijuana are still crimes in the eyes of the US federal government, but the feds have deferred marijuana issues to each state.


That said, licensed dispensaries in Colorado and Washington are still encountering problems. Last week, Meta Payment Systems shut down the ATMs in hundreds of dispensaries in the two states, forcing marijuana merchants to scramble for other options.


Instabill Offering Cashless ATMs to Marijuana Merchants

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