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Meet With Instabill at Money 2020

Oct 27, 2014
Posted by: Marketing
Category: General

The Instabill Partner Program finds credit card processing solutions for hard-to-place merchants referred by other PSPs with whom it splits the revenue.


Those in the payment service provider space have surely experienced it: You have a potentially profitable high risk merchant for whom you cannot find a credit card processing solution. It is the very situation that led to the start of the Instabill Partner Program, to which ISOs, agents and other PSPs refer hard-to-place merchants for whom Instabill finds payment solutions and splits the revenue.


The Money2020 Tradeshow, next week at the Aria Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, is the ideal place to discuss referral options for hard-to-place merchants. Representing Instabill, located at Stand No. 235, will be CEO Jason Field along with Partner Program managers Nyah Penney and MaryAnn Waring.

About the Instabill Partner Program

In more than 12 years as a payment service provider, Instabill has developed partnerships with many acquiring banks – both domestic and offshore – and more often than not can locate payment options for <em>hard-to-place merchants</em> that other PSPs cannot. Instabill specializes in high risk merchant services and credit card processing for more than 60 industry types.

Instabill Has Acquiring Banking Options

Instabill has three types of banking partners: domestic, international and offshore. For high risk and hard-to-place merchants, offshore banking is often the best option for its many benefits.Offshore banks tend to be more liberal in the types of industries for which they process. Additionally, they tend to offer fewer tax restrictions than domestic banks and welcome startups, businesses with high volume and those with slightly higher chargeback rates.

More Benefits of the Instabill Partner Program

Along with its acquiring banking options, the Instabill Partner Program does not require a minimum number of merchant accounts. Instabill offers white label solutions, enabling partners to have their own brand and logo on merchant applications.


Finally, Instabill prides itself on personal, one-on-one support with a live merchant account manager. To find out more about the Instabill Partner Program, visit our website detailing the industries for which we process. Our merchant account managers are available by calling 1-800-318-2713 or by selecting the live chat option below.

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